Monday, March 31, 2014

Last week, this week, and a green smoothie challenge

Last week was spring break and we were visiting my family in Kansas City. The food was great, the company was great, and the shopping was great - always love a trip to Athleta (which is unfortunately opening up a store only 30 minutes from me).  But I ended up with a cold so I missed several workouts. I did make it to a hot yoga class with my niece which was fun. And my sister is experimenting with a Paleo diet so I tried some new recipes of hers.

Now we are back to reality - school, work, eating right, and tri training.

The pool at the gym is closed this week so I'll just skip those workouts.

I am a huge fan of Peanut Butter Runner, so I have also decided to add in some strength workouts per her advice. Her blog is fantastic - has lots of great tips about running, strength training and yoga, as well as nutrition and tons of workouts. She is having a green smoothie challenge for the month of April - a green smoothie every day - and I have joined in the fun. She has lots of green smoothie recipes on her blog if any of you want to join in.

One of our favorite green smoothies is the Shrek Smoothie:

2 containers vanilla Greek yogurt
ice cubes
3 kale leaves
1 banana
sugar free coffee creamer or milk or almond milk
Blend and enjoy!

The house is ready for Easter - pictures to come soon.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Last week recap and next week goals

So, diet and exercise-wise, last week was not great.
Being stuck in the house with 3 sick kiddos (yes, all 3 of them ended up with norovirus) is not good motivation. The weather was beautiful outside but by the time my husband got home from work, it was dark and freezing. And I had to go to work.
But I did manage a few yoga podcasts. Which was great.

I have noticed that I have a tendency to eat out of boredom, or because of anxious energy. I feel like I should be doing something but don't have enough time or energy to do something productive, so I eat.

So this week I am really going to watch that. Make sure I am eating only when I am hungry, and only "approved" foods - meaning whatever I have on my list for the week, any fruit, any vegetable.

And I have decided to let myself have an "eat-whatever-you-want" day, probably Saturdays, which is the day we always eat dinner at a restaurant. I figure this way I will have something to look forward to, something to works towards, after eating clean all week. My hope is that, eventually, I won't crave the salty, sweet foods and will eat clean most of the time because that is what my body will want, but until I get myself to that point, this is my plan.

Meal Plan and This Week's Goals

I like to make an "approved" foods list for breakfast and lunch, and then allow myself to pick my meals from that list. That way I can go with whatever I feel like eating while still sticking with healthy foods.

Breakfast choices -  eggs (scrambled, in a sandwich, in a burrito); high-protein muffins (recipe here); oatmeal with added protein

Lunch choices - PB, honey, banana sandwich; spinach quinoa salad; grilled cheese; turkey and cheese wrap

Dinners - veggie quesadillas with chicken;  healthy salisbury steak; tortellini chicken salad; flatbread

This week I am going to increase my protein intake to see how that affects my appetite. I will also make a green smoothie when the kids get home from school, which tends to be the worst time of day for my eating.

This Week's Training Schedule

Official triathlon training starts this week but I have a very busy week ahead with appointments and work, so I will just fit in the workouts whenever and wherever I can.

Although this is my third sprint triathlon, I still train using a beginner program. The intermediate program is just too intimidating. The running portion of the beginner program is a bit too easy for me, so I double all those workouts.

Mon - swim 200 yards
Tues - run 30 minutes
Wed - bike 5 miles
Thurs - run 30 minutes
Fri - bike 5 miles
Sat - OFF
Sun - OFF

I will likely not be able to exercise this coming weekend, which is why I planned those days to be off. Usually Saturdays are set aside for long bike rides and Sundays are for the long runs. But this is just the beginning, and for this week, that's how it's gonna be.

Well, I'm off to make some muffins and install new blinds.

Happy Week everyone!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Some spring inside

Well, even though it looks like this outside,

I am ready for spring.

Our snowfall yesterday was probably the most beautiful of the season, but I am hoping it was Mother Nature's grand finale.

Flowers, leaves, birds, green grass.....please come soon.

So, in an effort to help spring along, I added some trees and florals inside.

New botanical prints above the stove in pretty colors.

The chalkboard wall got a dose of birch trees.

And our kitchen table got a pretty floral runner with a new big candle in the center. Simple, yet nice.

I am trying to make dinner time more of an "occasion", so we dine by candlelight every night.
The boys always argue over who gets to blow out the candle when it is bedtime, so we have come to a very practical solution - whoever guesses Vanna's dress color correctly on Wheel of Fortune gets to blow out the candle. All votes final by 6:25pm. You would be amazed at how many nights all 5 of us are wrong.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Norovirus and making plans

My "vacation" was short-lived (thankfully), and I was back to work on Thursday. It felt so good to be back on our regular schedule, get dressed up for work, and spend some time with patients.

I was excited to get back to a full work week this week, I had running and yoga plans for Sunday, ready to take advantage of the nicer weather (finally) coming our way, then...
"Mommy? I threw up in my bed".

There has been a norovirus outbreak at the school this past week and we thought we missed it. Until Saturday night.

Suddenly, everything changed. Yoga early Sunday morning? Too tired from being up at 3:00am cleaning puke. Run Sunday afternoon? Too much cleaning, laundry, and errands to get through. And work? Missing yet another day.

We watched the new Cosmos show last night, which helped me to realize just how small we really are and even though some situations may seem big and problematic, in the grand scheme of things they really aren't that big of a deal. So even though things have not gone according to "plan", that's okay. I was able to run outside this morning, which was great. I will also be able to do a yoga podcast this afternoon while the little one is resting.

So this week I will be focusing on letting go of "plans", and instead be more present in the current moment. In life. Because that's really all we have, right?