Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Real-life house tour party!

Yay - it's party time!

Do you have your pictures ready? Is your post up and running?

I am so excited to see everyone's homes.

Here are the rules:
1. You may tour your entire home or just a few rooms if you like.
2. You may tour completed rooms, rooms that are in progress, or before photos of rooms you plan on working on this year.
3. You may clean your home and tour it as though you are expecting guests, or you may show us your home as it typically looks on a daily basis.
4. Please make sure you post the link to your home tour post, not the link to your blog.
5. Mention the party in your tour with a link back to Transforming Home.

That's it!

The party will open tonight at 10pm CST and will stay open through the weekend for those of you who still need to take some photos or are waiting to finish a project.

I can't wait....


  1. Thanks for hosting, Danielle! I had fun (way too much fun!!) putting the tour post together!


  2. This will be so fun! I'm heading out of town for the week so can't participate, but you can bet I'll be coming back to check everyone's links :)

    I added you to my blogroll too...

  3. this is a great post! i would like to join but my house is a disaster because im running around so much! i love this idea Danielle! good work!!! i am having fun looking at all the great spaces people live in!

  4. Getting my "tour" ready now... I'll be joining the party tomorrow! :)

  5. OK -- sounds good -- I might be able to link up by the weekend. I start my volunteer work at the Children's Hospital tomorrow and I'm so excited, but it will take up most of my day and my house is very very MESSY!

  6. Such a great idea! Wish I could participate. Can't wait to go through all of them over the next few days!

  7. Love this Danielle! Maybe if I can get my house together, I'll take some pics and join in!!

    You should head on over & enter the giveaway on my blog!! Cute pillows!

  8. Oh I am so excited! I'll be taking pictures as I am tidying up today and should have them posted by tomorrow... You'll get to see the before pictures are our house is bare right now, totally unclothed at best! Okay there are a few items left by the previous owner but well, lets leave it are bare!!

  9. I'm going to be getting my photos up either tonight or tomorrow....must get presentable. Also going to include our "before" photos of our basement which we are beginning to refinish. Will be our big project for the year! So excited to see the tours.

  10. I had fun doing this - it's the first one I've participated in. Thanks for hosting! Now I am off to check out these other lovely ladies', homes...

  11. Hi!
    I'd love to join you on your home tour meme. I will get some photos together real quick! In the meantime, I'd love to invite you to join me on Wednesday Gratitude. You can post anything that makes you happy! It's fun to see what others share. Stop by sometime.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  12. See, now I have to tidy everything...I will give it a try. Love your style!

  13. Hi Danielle.
    I am excited to visit everyone. I wish that I would have been ready, but I am definitely not. Maybe we can do this again in, oh I don't know, 5 years or so. haha. No, seriously. Maybe by then I will be ready. ;)

  14. Hmm, just found out our household goods will be delivered tomorrow... so now I'm not so sure if I will be able to make it. Is it truly okay to do strictly "before" photos? Trust me when I said we have a little house, more like tiny. Hope your week is going well and everyone is feeling better!

  15. Hi Danielle, I didn't realize you were doing a home tour. Nice idea! I think I'll just link my living room (I don't have a whole house post.) I hope you'll join me in March, I'm hosting Basket Dayz - ANY project involving baskets qualifies!

  16. Great idea! I LOVE looking at other people's homes. I just started my own blog and kicked it off with a home tour.

  17. I really enjoyed your home tour party!